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A scene from the play Pebet

The main objective: To study, revive and project the culture of Manipur through the art of theatre and to set highest standards of performance to match not only the best in India but the world theatre scene.

As Kalakshetra believed in the notion of a workshop that is a laboratory or research theatre rather than a production company it began its experiment in a continuous process of ‘renewal of ancestral tradition’ for a contemporary cultural expression as they are all the progeny of an etho – social tradition of Manipur. The artists of the group endeavored to learn afresh the native lore traveling throughout the nook and corner of Manipur and strengthened their creative will. They created the performances for the ‘work-in-progress’ shows rather than ‘Public Theatre’-a finished production for public exhibition.

Besides, the group launched cultural expedition in organizing theatre events with the non-actors in three different socio – cultural contexts. They were: (i)performance of NUPI LAN (Women’s war of Manipur, 1939)in which market women around one hundred from women’s market of Imphal town took the active participation in December, 1978 as players, (ii)At Umathel, a sleepy village in the remote corner of southern Manipur SANJENNAHA (cowherd) was performed by the villagers themselves in December, 1979, and (iii)Introduced theatre in the tribal area of Paite community of Churachandpur district with the production of THANGHOU LEH LIANDOU performed by tribal youths in March, 1980.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalakshetra_Manipur

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