Heisnam Tomba – Interview


He probably had the most addictive smile at the Intensive Drama Program (IDP). Heisnam Tomba walked the NCPA premises with an air of simplicity around him. It is difficult to imagine that here was a man who has excelled in almost every department of the theatre. Winner of the Sanskriti Award of The Sanskriti Pratishthan, New Delhi which is given to young artistes under 40 years, H. Tomba has been an actor, trainer, designer, music director, playwright and director. Hailing from the celebrated family of the Heisnams of Kalakshetra, Manipur, Tomba is the son of eminent theatre veterans Shri H. Kanhailal and H. Sabitri.Tomba has acted in major productions of Kalakshetra like PEBET, MEMOIRS OF AFRICA, LAIGI MACHASINGA, etc. He has co-acted with the London trained actress Alaknanda Samarth in an experimental production PRAKRIYA under the direction of Rustom Bharucha in Pune. As a trainer he has aided his father�s research project on actors� training methodology and has developed exercises for the body, voice and mind. He has taught students at Sambhav, New Delhi, at the at the National School of Drama (NSD) and in various other workshops throughout the country. His exercises have been demonstrated in front of an international audience in Japan and he has also conducted a workshop for young Asian actors in Singapore. As a designer, Tomba has designed costumes for MIGI SARANG, MEMOIRS OF AFRICA and Manipuri and Kannada productions of RASHOMAN. He has been a music director for the Kannada production of RASHOMAN, produced by BV Karanth�s Rangayana.He has written plays like KUMGI NONG and HIJAN HIRAO, that have been widely acclaimed in Manipur. He has directed Tagore�s KSHUDITO PASHAN and HS Shivprakash�s SATI. KANGKHATHANG, written and directed by him has become one of the most provocative pieces of theatre in Manipur.This senior fellowship winner of the Dept. Of Culture, Govt Of India was resting after a tiring day at the IDP guest house. As I invaded his privacy with my set of questions, he quickly rose to his feet, offered me a chair and sat on the bed like a devout follower with rapt attention. In spite of his stress, what one couldn�t miss was his trademark smile. That comforted me and I wasted no time in shooting my questions at him.

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