Lecture demonstration


Kalakshetra, Manipur

Led by H. Kanhailal

Process of Organic Acting on 8.07.15 from 10.00 -11:30 am

Venue: Management studies auditorium

The main focus in the research is to create a conscious process of physical and visceral form

of expression while making organic impact of the body, the only human resource of the actor. It will consequently consolidate the process in answering to how the body dynamics is used and transcended. Through the process of naturalization it is To re-build the body in dominating various stages of rigourous training for identifying with a natural human being for the awareness of life flow in the body and consequently for authentic natural reaction. To control how the senses work for a sense perception, To exercise mutuality among the fellow partners, To explore specific powers of live theatre through sound, gesture and movement and so on. The process is to make aware of the ‘vitality’ that becomes a natural life flow in the being of the actor in the course of using body dynamics.

Through the process of ritualization (operating repetitive mechanism in the ritual context of theatre) the ‘vitality’ needs to be transformed into ‘subtlety’. The being of the actor operates repeatedly the ‘presence’ in practically answering to How the gentle rhythm of emotion is explored in entering and transcending the most turbulent states of emotion, How to uncover the instinctive and intuitive psyche, How the physical manifests the psychical and psychical evokes the physical, and so on. The whole process comes forth into a single vital force as ‘organic process of acting’ in ‘intending’ and ‘doing’ (not pretending and behaving). This integrated process leads the actor To enter the practice of transforming the ‘natural’ into ‘artificial’ in justification of art, To confront all stages of performance states in designing and executing the role in and out of the character, ultimately to see that the self privileges over the character, To identify with a village conjuror who abandons trick and creates something of socially free gift.

Source: http://www.iftr2015hyd.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Unpacking-performance-inthrough-process-Demonstration-by-H.-Kanhailal-and-group.pdf

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