Ahanthem Upendro

A. Uprndro Mangang

Ahenthem Upendro Mangang, popularly known as Tocha is an actor trainer and assists in direction of Kalakshetra Manipur’s latest production. He joined KKM as one of trainees in 1996. He was trained by Kanhailal and Sabitri for two years. Then he began to act in plays and is continuing till now (2015) as major actor. His roles as Shudhamoy in Lajja (1997), Arjun in Karna (1997), Itihaskar in Makokto Pokhaikhi (1999), Senanayak in Draupadi (2000), Bhadralok in Kshudito Pashan (2003), Thakurda in Dakghar (2006), Dr. Thomas in An Enemy of the People (2012). He also recast in some milestone plays of Kalakshetra Manipur like Memoirs of Africa as Minu (1986), Pebet as Akanba (1975), Tamnalai as Oja (teacher) (1972) etc.