BemDuring her childhood, Salam Bembem was very much inclined to performing arts. Nevertheless, her father wants her to pursue a good academic career and become a conventional decent person. But she cannot hold back her instinct and love of performing on stage. Though her parents never encourage her on the field, she began her career as a popular dancer in schools then in localities around which led the foundation to act in few of the Manipuri popular musical albums. She also tried her debut in Manipuri digital film, doing some supporting roles. Finally, she felt for a need of a proper training in acting which she had been striving for a long time. Luckily, she met Padmashree Heisnam Kanhailal and Padmashree Heisnam Sabitri in the year 2008. That year she joined the well-known theatre group Kalakshetra Manipur as an apprentice and then later as a major actor. Thus she started her journey in theatre giving full dedication to the gurukul of Kanhailal and Sabitri. And she never turns back. She stayed in their place and lived with them learning the intricacies of acting particularly from Heisnam Sabitri. Other senior artistes majorly Heisnam Tomba and others like A. Upendra, S. Brojen and G. Koken also have been guiding her as they see the potential of being a good actor on her. She toured outside Manipur with them for theatre workshops and performances. She had joined in almost all the actor-training workshop both national and international organized by Kalakshetra Manipur since she joined in 2008. She had also been part of the puppetry workshop conducted by the well-known puppetry artiste Avlin Pullenga from Poland in Rampur, Assam. She had travelled all over India for the major theatre performances of Kalakshetra Manipur’s productions. Recently she had also performed in Dhaka, Bangladesh in one of the well-known production of Kalakshetra Manipur directed by Heisnam Kanhailal.

Some of the plays which she acted as original casts:

  1. Uchek Langmeidong as …(role) H. Kanhailal       2008
  2. Samnadraba Mami as a major role H. Tomba 2009
  3. The Hungry Stone as a woman statue H. Tomba             2011
  4. Meeyamgi Yeknaba as Catherine H. Tomba             2012

Some of the older plays which she acted as a recast are

  1. Memoirs of Africa as ….. H. Kanhailal
  2. Pebet as a Pebet child                 H. Kanhailal
  3. Draupadi as young Dopdi H. Kanhailal
  4. Dakghar as …. H. Kanhailal